Seasonal Dock Permit

Boat owner name:_______________    Boat name: _______________ 
Address: ________________________Boat MFG: ________________
City:________________    Boat size (in feet): _________
State:__________  Zip code:_______   Registration #: ____________
Home phone: ___________________    VIN: ____________________
Cell phone: _____________________   Work phone: ______________
Insurance Company: ________________     Policy #: _________________
Insurance Company phone: ___________    Policy Expiration: ___________ 
​Boat owner email address:_____________
Terms and Conditions
1.A $400.00 deposit is required with application February 15th.
2.Deposits are NON refundable.
3.Balance of payment is due by April 1st.
4.Boat will be insured to include hull coverage and liability insurance. The hull should be insured for an amount equal to the most recent appraisal. General liability limits should be set at $500,000 for bodily injury and $500,000 for property damage, policy to include waiver of subrogation through the boating season.
5.Certificate of insurance, with application and deposit February 15th.
6.Permittee may not launch in the marina’s slip until the lease is paid in full.
7.Slips are NON transferable.
8.Primary rental season is from May 1st to October 31st.  All boats must be out of the water by October 31st.  If the boat remains in the water after that date a service fee of $50.00 per day will be charged.
9.Permittee must be present at launch and removal of their boat.

Boat Owner Signature: _____________  Marina Management:______________
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