Seasonal Rates
The primary rental season is May1 to October 31.  All boats must be out of the water by October 31st.  If the boat remains in the water after that date a service fee of $50.00 per day will be charged.
Rates are $40 per foot without electric and $45 per foot with electric for the six month season. Boats with air conditioning will be charged an additional fee. Lift haul-out is $175.00. Winter storage is $25 per foot. Use of a Fox trailer for storage is an additional $ 150.00 fee. Boats with air-conditioning will be charged an additional electric fee. 
If you are a year-round patron, summer and winter storage at the marina, and wash your boat at the end of the summer season, the additional cost for water will be $1.00 per foot. Hose must have a nozzle attached while washing the boat to prevent water waste.
Non-refundable deposits of $400.00 are required by February 15 to reserve a seasonal slip. 
•. If you store your trailer on the marina grounds during the summer season there will be a fee of $200 payable at time of launch.   
Submission of a completed contract, proof of required insurance coverage and payment in full is due by April 1st. 
Failure to complete these requirements by the due date will result in forfeiture of slip as well as deposit.

Electricity and water are available for boaters. Electricity will be provided from April 1 to October 30 and water shall be provided from April 1 to October 30.
Fox Grove Marina does not guarantee the continuity of electrical service when provided. 
The use of the marina electrical outlets for the operation of power tools and battery chargers, in an emergency situation shall be permitted with permission of marina management.