Boating Rules & General Conditions 

All rules and regulations established by the United States Coast Guard governing vessels, shall apply. 
• Boats are only permitted in designated slips assigned by the marina management.
     a. Owners are solely responsible for the proper docking of their boats, to have docking lines in good condition and to use a 3-point docking system.
     b. It shall be the responsibility of owner to properly secure, bumper/fender their boat from wave surges resulting from vessels transiting the direct riverfront and within the marina.
The Permittee shall correct any condition aboard a boat or dock, which in the opinion of marina management constitutes a fire hazard, health menace or a danger to the public and/or the marina property. 
Permittee, and guests shall not act in a disorderly fashion, such as foul language, lewd or offensive behavior. 
• Be courteous and use discretion in the operation of engine(s), generators, radio, stereo and television. Noise shall be kept at a minimum at all times.  
Young children must have adult supervision at all times. It is required that children under the age of 13 wear an approved personal floatation device while on marina docks. 
Pets must be leashed on and off of vessels. Pets must be curbed while on marina property and any soiled areas must be cleaned by pet owner. Pets are not to be tied/tethered to the dock.
All trash must be placed in containers provided by marina management.  Report potentially hazardous debris to marina management immediately. 
Advertising, soliciting and vending shall not be permitted on any boat within the marina.
No “FOR SALE” or other signs shall be posted on any structure within the marina complex, without permission from marina management. For sale signs may be posted on your vessel. Any sale, purchase or exchange of boats within the marina complex shall be reported immediately to the marina management. 
Only reasonable and customary use shall be made of the docks and facilities.  Permittee shall keep dock and premises free and clear of gear, tackle and all other obstructions, and further agree to throw nothing, including treated or untreated effluent or sewage from heads or holding tanks in the marina waters.  Boat washing at pierside is prohibited by federal law. 
Marina management shall reserve the right to assign dock space consistent with good business practice and to refuse entry to anyone for good reason, i.e. persons suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or unseaworthy vessels. 
In the event a Permittee’s boat shall, for any reason, sink while in a slip or while otherwise occupying marina waters, the Permittee will be responsible to raise and remove the vessel all costs associated with the raise and removal 
In case of emergency, Fox Grove Marina management shall be authorized to move the subject boat, if possible and practical, to a safer area to protect the boat, property or general welfare if boat is unattended and Permittee cannot be reached. However, under no circumstances is Fox Grove Marina under any obligation to provide this service. Permittee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from any and all liability, loss or damage caused by or to the subject boat which may arise out of failure of the Permittee to move the boat, the inability of marina management to reach the Permittee, or by the movement of the boat by the marina management. In general, the Permittee shall be solely responsible for any emergency measures.