Fox Grove Marina will not be responsible for any injuries or property damage resulting in, caused by, or growing out of the use of the facilities of the marina and Permittee does hereby release and discharge the Fox Grove Marina and/or its agents, servants or employees from any and all liability from loss, injury (including death), or for damages to persons or property sustained while in or on the premises of Fox Grove Marina, including fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, high or low waters, hail, rain, ice, collision or accident or any other act of God. Permittee agrees to keep the boat fully insured with complete marina insurance, including hull coverage and liability insurance through the entire boating season. The hull should be insured for an amount equal to the most recent appraisal. General liability limits should be set at $500,000 for bodily injury and $500,000 for property damage, policy to include waiver of subrogation. Permittee will provide a Certificate of Insurance or a copy of the certificate prior to April 1st.
Uninsured boats may not enter Fox Grove Marina.
Fox Grove Marina shall not be responsible for any items of personal property left in the boat. 
Permittee shall be responsible for damage to Marina property caused by himself, his family, or guests. 

Operational Condition of Vessel
To prevent serious damage and/or loss to your boat and/or the marina property, marina management is authorized to take basic necessary measures and/or make temporary repairs to your vessel in the event of an emergency. Time and material expended by the marina personnel for the emergency will be charged to the vessel owner. The marina management will attempt to contact the vessel owner immediately. 
Emergency repairs ONLY shall be permitted. 
The flushing of bilge or fuel tanks and washing of boats within the waters of the marina is prohibited by federal law.  In the event of an oil or fuel spill, marina management must be notified immediately.  
No outside craftsman or contractor is allowed in the marina without permission of marina management. If an outside contractor is allowed, all appropriate local license and proof of insurance liability must be provided. 
Maintenance of stored trailer to include lubrication of hitch and trailer jack as well as inflation of tires is permittee’s responsibility.  

Safety is the responsibility of all parties within this marina. Marina management shall have the authority to cause the owner of any vessel, or other persons within the Fox Grove Marina to comply with all safety requirements. To save life or property, marina management may perform or cause to be performed, acts which are, or may be, of benefit to any persons or vessels within the marina complex, but no liability shall occur to the marina management as the result of such act or omission of acts. Any cost imposed as a result of such act or acts that are contributed to a vessel owner, shall be the owner’s responsibility. 
A maximum speed limit of 5 miles per hour shall be imposed on all vehicular traffic within the boundaries of the Fox Grove Marina complex. 
The maximum speed at which a vessel shall operate within the boundaries of the Fox Grove Marina shall be 3 to 6 miles per hour and speed shall not produce any wake or wave action. 

Docks and Piers
The modification or adjustment of docks, piers, cleats or the installation of floats, rubbing piles, mooring devices, power cord or water hose hangers or other such equipment shall be made only with the approval of the marina management.
Boarding steps are permissible, providing that they are not permanently attached to the docks and do not constitute a safety hazard. 
All piers and docks shall be kept clear of all electrical cords, water hoses and dock lines.